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Taco hell [Sep. 30th, 2005|02:22 am]
[mood |daaa]

Rules of Taco Hell of MCC
1. Sit at the bar stools so the crazzy lady won't try to talk to you.
2. Don't talk about video games because it confuses the surrounding people to believe you are talking about other sujects
3. Lastly don't ever talk about patients conditions as that is very rude.
4. Even more lastly, don't but into a conversation that you believe has something to do with rule 3 but in all actuality has nothing to do with it.

So far this is what I've learned from eating at taco bell by MCC, this list is so going to grow more by the end of the school term.

From: shikon_no_tama
2005-10-01 10:14 am (UTC)
Of course if you DO rule 3 or 4. you have to walk away after proving what you believe to be YOUR point, completely ignoring what the other people are saying and wondering and asking about it!

by golly that could be rule number 5 or a sub rule of number 4 or 3!

I'm a leaf in the wind!
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