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Beaten and bruised, but what a hell of a night [Sep. 12th, 2005|01:02 am]
[mood |numbnumb]
[music |Bowling for soup - "Almost"]

Well Friday was awesome even if no one else would agree. Finally got to see all my guy buddies that I haven't seen since school started and this time around there weren't any problems with anyone that showed up. Aaron and John's place is the "tits" for a hang out place, even if it is "in the "boon docks" for some, I'm still laughing at that. I've began to notice that when every chad and me our over there drinking that he has this crazzy idea to fight me, and this time I actully did. It was pretty cool cause chad and I know what limits to take as to not hurt each other to bad, but it mostly came down to grappling on the ground and getting a hold of them so the other person basicly taps out. However after going two rounds with chad, John decided to go agaisn't me. Taking on a noob when fighting can be kinda bad for me as I don't know how far they will go. So I ended up getting my head rolled into the ground and my back a little scratched up. That kid says he doesn't know how to fight but his height gives him a great advantage. I wish I could have seen chad flipped on his back by Rob though, all I heard was a thud when I was in the house. I think if we decided to do this again that we really need to set some boundries because Jeff went home with a hurt neck, he shouldn't have tried agaisn't rob. I would never go up against anyone that knows more than me only because i don't know what they will do. So in all this weekend was awesome except for being a little sore now, now all I have to do is remember all this kata kana for this weeks test in japanese. Je mata ne

[User Picture]From: azrengirl
2005-09-12 07:43 pm (UTC)

sounds pretty homoerotic to me...

you should send it in to penthouse
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